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30 Nov 2023

On November 29, a joint meeting of the Economic Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Supervisory Board of the Azerbaijan Investment Holding (AIH) was held.

At the meeting chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ali Asadov, the report on the performance of the portfolio companies under the management of the AIH for the first 9 months of 2023, including the main results on financial, commercial, investment and operational indicators, proposals for the settlement of debt obligations of "Azerbaijan Airlines” CJSC and “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC, as well as current issues related to the insurance and communication sectors were discussed in detail.

The meeting heard the reports of the Minister of Digital Development and Transport, Rashad Nabiyev and Chief Executive Officer of Azerbaijan Investment Holding, Ruslan Alikhanov.

Following the meeting and considering opinions and proposals given by the members of the Economic Council, decisions were made on the discussed issues, the relevant instructions were given to the Ministries of Finance, Digital Development and Transport, along with the Central Bank and the Executive Board of AIH.


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