Supervisory Board of the AIH held its following meeting

Press releases | 15.10.2021

The agenda of the meeting dated October 15, 2021, and chaired by Chairman of AIH Supervisory Board, Ali Asadov, included diagnostics of performance results of 4 portfolio companies in the transport sector: Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC, Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, Baku Metro CJSC and BakuBus LLC. The results of diagnostics and corporate governance standards of portfolio companies and evaluation of the activities of members of the governing bodies were discussed. 

The reports of Mr.Matin Eynullayev, the Chairman of the AIH Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer of AIH, Mr. Ruslan Alikhanov were heard. Besides discussions on the speeches of the Chairs of the Supervisory Boards of transportation sector companies and heads of the companies submitted on the results of diagnostics were made.